Date: 18th September, 2014

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day 1 rag day and rally


rally and rag day

rally and rag day



This was an exciting day in Futminna, it was as if a lot of students have been waiting for their chance to display their “crazitivity”, a lot of guys came up with jaw dropping attires, funny song and the maddest display of the craziest dress sense the world over, it was as if the best name for the day should have been mad day, from the Ebola expert package to the guys that dressed up as girls with boobs that could make any girl green with envy, it was all fun, and the sweetest  part actually came when the rally started, a lot of exciting display came up, from the songs to the rags, to the dances it makes one to thirst for more.

But that’s just the good part, when I came out in my own swag which I won’t say yet, I was shocked when I didn’t see anyone in theirs but trust your boy “I no send nobody” I just rocked my stuff, mehn see the attention everyone was staring I sort like enjoyed it in a way I didn’t expect I even took pictures with my lecturer, but there was also a lot of apathy on the side of majority of the students for instance I was the only one in my department and level that participated, it got to the extent that my friends thought I was just up to my usual antics some had no idea what was going on, I didn’t help either I told them I just woke in class I didn’t know how I got to school, as I was saying a lot of people had no idea of what was going on, others didn’t even know what rag day meant which was pretty bad because we all complain that we lack an healthy social life in this school but at the same time when things like this come we are the same ones, that won’t participate, which made me to believe that the campus life is not boring it is the students that are boring let’s hope we get our stuff together and make the next one better at least we still have Old school day.

Any ways the rag day went well and I got you some pictures of my favorite part of the day

but first is the picture of yours truly rocking is pyjamas, that’s crazy right at least that’s what I thought but soon you will agree with me that there is hope for me

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